When Difficulty Comes Our Way

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Life is hard, and being a Christian does not change that truth.  We are all faced with challenges and difficulties at some point in our lives.  It may be the sudden death of a loved one, a terminal illness, accident, betrayal, injustice… to name a few.  It is how we react to these things that determine how they will affect us in the future.  I have witnessed more people than I care to count leave their faith behind when the unthinkable has happened.  Is God still good when he doesn’t act on our behalf?  How you answer that question will make or break your faith.

One of the virtues Peter talks about is that of perseverance, the ability to endure difficult things.  It is not an “ if” difficult things come, but a “when”.  And when they come will I be able to endure.  I think of the Old Testament character of Job.  He went through unbelievable loss, heartbreak, physical pain and sheer devastation.  If anyone had good reason to turn his back on God, it was him.  But he didn’t.  Why?  I think the answer is because he knew the character of God, and he chose to trust that God was good, no matter what the circumstances around told him.  You see the circumstances you find yourself in may try to tell you that God is not who he says he is, that he doesn’t care, and he certainly doesn’t love if he would let this happen to us.  If you believe that lie then you will never experience how God can bring beauty out of ashes.  It is not the end of the story. God has promised in Romans 8:28 that he causes ALL things to work together for good for those who love him.  It will not be easy, the pain will be real, but he will walk with you through it and bring you to the other side.  The result will be a stronger faith for when the next storm hits.

Eunice Benedetti

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