Infants through Fifth Grade

Family ministry at The Church at HighPoint meets Sunday mornings at 10 am and is designed to strengthen families by:

  • Impressing the Word of God into their hearts and minds
  • Helping families live out their faith in everyday situations

Partnerships with parents and families will reflect our core values: communication, assistance, involvement and encouragement.

Base Camp serves family members from infancy to fourth grade. Base Camp provides a safe, loving environment where children explore biblical truths. In age appropriate settings, children will participate in activities including worship, hands-on activities and games in both large groups and small groups.

Elevation serves fifth through eighth grade students with an emphasis on nurturing students to develop a growing relationship with God, their family and their community. In small and large group settings, students will dig deeper into their biblical principles and explore how to apply these truths in everyday life.

Upcoming Events

Books of the Bible Contest


For the month of February, students in elementary through junior high will be studying and memorizing the books of the Old Testament. Who can get them all memorized? We’ll find out at the end of February when we have a contest to see who can recite all 39 books from the Old Testament! After the end of this contest, students will begin to focus on the New Testament. More information will be passed out this Sunday after church.