Creative Arts

Creative Arts

The Creative Arts Team is a Sunday morning ministry.

Welcome Team

Being a part of our Welcome Team¬†means you create an experience that shows the love of Jesus as soon as people come to the door Sunday mornings. This is a fun group of people who love seeing old and new faces. We’d love for you to join the team! And we’ll make sure to work around your schedule, too! Email Dan Vallaro if you’d like to hear more about this team, or if you’re ready to sign up!

Sunday Worship

Our Sunday Worship team is made of musicians and vocal artists. We’re always open to someone new joining the team. If you’re interested, email Chris Fisher.


On Sunday mornings, we love serving everyone treats, snacks and coffee at our hospitality table! The people who volunteer with hospitality bring a warm, welcoming environment to Sundays, and not just with food, but with a friendly attitude. Email Dan Vallaro if you’re interested in knowing about this team. And, if you’d like to only contribute food or coffee to our hospitality table with non-perishable treats, or your favorite baked goods, let Dan know!

Tech Team

Our Tech Team is a behind-the-scenes crew that makes Sunday morning worship possible through media, sound and lights.